My name is Davora and I am a psychic medium / ghost whisperer. I became a sensitive after the tragic death of my son Tom many years ago. Through the anguish that comes from losing a child, I developed my psychic and medium skills while trying to connect with him. It took a long time (one year to be exact) but it was well worth it. During my journey, it soon became clear that I could also help others connect with their loved ones in spirit. I work in the light of God with guidance from my Spirit Guides and Angels. I strive to be a clear channel to connect you with your loved ones in spirit. I am only a link (a messenger) for those who walk in God’s light and wish to make contact with someone in the spirit world.


Perhaps you have found my website due to a nudge from your Spirit Guides, Angels or a loved one in Spirit. My intention is to treat my gift with respect and to use it only with the highest of intentions. I offer love, light and peace to those who come my way. I am available for home parties as well as any organized event. To contact me through email with any questions or concerns you may have you can write to: Dgusmano@yahoo.com.


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