A girl walking into the unknown.


1. What is a Medium / Ghost Whisperer?


A Medium or Ghost Whisperer is someone who raises her vibration high enough to connect with those who have crossed over to the spiritual realm. In other words, I am able to sense, hear, and see “Dead People.” I am a link or messenger for those in the spirit world who wish to communicate with loved ones still in the physical world. My role is to prove that consciousness survives physical death.


2. Do you believe in God?


I most certainly do. I do acknowledge that God means different things to different people. What I do is a gift that comes from God and He is the master of my life and soul.


3. Do you have to go to a Psychic Medium / Ghost Whisperer to talk to loved ones who have passed?


No. Anyone can talk to spirits, for they can hear us. If we pay attention, we can experience them in many ways. Everyone is capable of communicating with spirits of loved ones. However, some people, like myself and other mediums/ghost whisperers, are more open to the communication and are able to increase their energy level high enough to understand those on the other side.


4. Is it ever too soon to contact a deceased loved one through a medium?


It is not a good idea to see a medium/ghost whisperer too soon after a loved one dies. The initial stages of grief can be overwhelming and your ability to focus can affect your reading. Make no mistake – I want to help you. But you have to be open enough to receive it and that sometimes takes a while. A loved one in spirit wants you to know their consciousness still exists. They are still connected to you through the bonds of love and friendship created while they were still on earth.


5. Can you contact a specific loved one?


Those who have passed have free will just like we do. I cannot force a particular spirit to come through or guarantee a connection with a specific loved one. It is the spirit who chooses to come through or not. Most of the time they will come through. At times, though, a spirit just cannot connect with me and this happens to all mediums. Please remember - those who are supposed to get the messages will and those in the spirit world are very aware of this.


6. How do I know if a loved one is trying to connect with me?


Those who have crossed over have several ways to communicate with us. They can connect through a medium/ghost whisperer or they may use anything electrical or battery-operated to get our attention. This is because they are pure energy and can access these methods easily. However, not every strange occurrence (flickering light bulb or banging noises) comes from the Spirit world. Our spirit loved ones can also use scents, feelings, thoughts, visions and sounds to let us know they are around. I have a dear friend who lost her precious husband and his spirit will ring her doorbell in the middle of the night to “announce” his presence. Pay attention to the “signs” - especially if they happen often.


7. What about earthbound spirits? Have you had any experiences with them?


Yes. I have come in contact with lost spirits and have even walked many of them to the light. Earthbound spirits have not crossed over after their physical death. Some issue or concern is keeping them from making the transition to the other side. Some are lost and don’t even realize they are dead. I call what I do “Spirit Rescue.” When I come in contact with one of these spirits, I offer to help them to the other side. Since they still retain their free will, I cannot make them go. Many times I pray with them and help them to realize that their spirit loved ones (who have passed on before them) are waiting to reunite with them - just beyond the veil.


8. Do animals survive death?


Yes. All animals have souls and your pet will be there to greet you when you pass over. Remember, we are all connected by love and that includes our animal friends who have passed over.


9. How much do you charge for a reading?


Please contact me at Dgusmano@yahoo.com or call me at 636-240-2138 to discuss my fee schedule. I am available to do readings in the St Louis and St Charles, Missouri areas or over the phone.