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1. Will the reading be upsetting?


NO. This work is done with love, grace and protection. The Guidance that comes through is always for our highest good. It is what we can handle and are ready to hear.


2. Do you predict the future?


NO. We all have the ability to choose what we will do next and to change our plans at any time. This is God's greatest gift to us - called Free Will. However, I do offer what's called “probable futures” which is an indication of how things will probably pan out for you given your current energy. I also receive messages about what YOU can do to achieve a personal goal that you desire in your future.

Also, if you are considering two options in your future (for example keeping your current job or accepting a new job offer) I can clearly describe the energy of either decision (what you can expect to experience in either choice and why).


3. How do you get your insight?


Before each reading I go into prayer and meditation. I go through a process of raising my vibration and connecting to Divine Intelligence. I am in a mild trance state during a reading as I go within. I am Clairaudient (I “hear” Spirit) andClairvoyant (I “see” Spirit). I am Clairsentinent (I "feel" the emotions of Spirit and “sense” what the Spirit wants to communicate) and Claircognizance (I “just know” some things without being told).

In plain English, I am shown videos in my mind's eye of people, places and situations in your life. I hear words put together into messages. I see symbolism of events in your life and the connection between them. I sense experiences you have had in your past or are currently going through.


4. Can you control what comes through?


YES and NO. I can control that nothing evil or scary will come through. Beyond that, I am an instrument, a transmitter of information, ideas and messages. I can't determine what will come through. My job, done with integrity, is to stay neutral and relay the truth that comes through in a compassionate manner. I try not to interpret the meaning of the messages.


5. As a client, how can I prepare for a reading?


If we are having a telephone reading, try to schedule it a time when you will be in a quiet spot and not be interrupted. If you want to light a candle, do so. Whether it is a Telephone or In-Person Reading, you may want to have a list (written in your mind) of topics, areas of concern, or specific questions you would like to ask. Then relax and enjoy the reading.


6. Do you give advice?


I prefer to call it guidance. What comes through in a reading are suggestions about what's most beneficial to you. You will never be told what you SHOULD do. I believe in empowering people to trust their own intuition and do what feels right in their heart. Often the guidance is simply a validation of what you already knew to be true. Insight is revealed about what may be blocking you from moving forward and ideas may come through to inspire you towards your desires.


7. Why should I have a palm reading?


Palm reading allows you to discover the mysteries hidden within your hands. Your hand can reveal many things about you – from your personality to the major events in your life. A palm reading can tell you something about the way you are living your life, what direction you are headed in, and whether or not you are doing the right thing according to your original blueprint. The palm is sometimes called the Window into the Soul as it can show you your strengths & weaknesses.


8. What are your rates?


Please contact me to discuss my rates and schedule an appointment.


9. When are you available for readings?


By scheduled appointment.


10. Can I contact you before I schedule a reading?


OF COURSE! Feel free to contact me at or at 636-240-2138.